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NU-DERM™ Hydrocolloid DressingNU-DERM Hydrocolloid

NU-DERM Hydrocolloid Wound Dressings are designed to help maintain a moist wound
environment on non to moderately exuding wounds. There are three variants in the
range, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes.
All dressings are waterproof and can
remain in place during showering.

NU-DERM Hydrocolloid Range:

NU-DERM Border

It is conformable, has a top layer of semi-permeable polyurethane low-friction film,
and has bevelled edges all around the product - the border itself is a continuation
of the skin-friendly hydrocolloid adhesive material. It is indicated for the management
of light to moderately exuding wounds.

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The semi-transparent variant, which is conformable and has a top layer of low-friction
film, allows close and easy monitoring of the wound bed without dressing removal.

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