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SOLUGEL™ Wound Care Gel PackagingSOLUGEL™ Wound Care Gel

Helps soothe and rehydrate and helps reduce pain. SOLUGEL™ Wound Care Gel is a clear hydrogel that is designed to help soothe, rehydrate and reduce pain. It helps the skin to heal and return to normal quickly and to ease pain and discomfort. For over 18 years, SOLUGEL™ Wound Care Gel has been treating Aussie wounds in kitchens, on the beach, in hospitals, nursing homes, medical centres, cancer care facilities and on the playground. SOLUGEL™ Wound Care Gel, the trusted Australian –made Wound Care Gel, is an essential part of every first aid kit.

Available in all good pharmacies.
For more information call customer service on 1300 524 822 or visit www.solugel.com.au

NOTE: Specific indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and safety information may exist for Systagenix products. Please consult a healthcare provider and product instructions for use prior to application.

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